Month: February 2007

  • Jesus’ Tomb

    James Cameron, the Hollywood director, is about to hold a press conference announcing that he found the tomb of Christ and that his body was still there. His evidence you ask? DNA! Where, would James Cameron get a sample of Christ’s DNA to test? It’s a fair question, but you just know that some people […]

  • Forgiveness

    I thank God every day for my friends. I thank him for many other things as well, but I have a few friends who have been on my mind a lot lately. I have a very dear friend who wants to lose weight and has asked me to walk with her. After a few months […]

  • The Stumbling Blocks of Writing

    Although I don’t suffer from the illusion that I have readers, I have struggled with the idea that I do not write on this blog (or any of my others) with any consistency. I have tried. I have had a lot of ideas, but the world has a way of saying “not now” far too […]