Jesus’ Tomb

James Cameron, the Hollywood director, is about to hold a press conference announcing that he found the tomb of Christ and that his body was still there.

His evidence you ask? DNA!

Where, would James Cameron get a sample of Christ’s DNA to test? It’s a fair question, but you just know that some people are going to buy into this myth without asking. You have to hand it to Mr. Cameron. After all, convinced more than a few people to like Titanic, so this should be a cinch for the anti-Christian crowd to ingest.

I’ve linked to the blog at Time magazine above (click on the title of this entry). Check it out for yourself. Apparently, Mr. Cameron also claims that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a son, Judah. Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code claimed they had a daughter named Sarah. Maybe Cameron and Brown can wrestle on pay per view to see which myth should prevail. It would certainly be more interesting than most of their recent work.






2 responses to “Jesus’ Tomb”

  1. Tony Avatar

    We already know Jesus was a very common name in 1st century Palestine, so I won’t even bother. The more interesting point is that the MSM knows that there are lots of Christians in flyover country, and they are so starved for Christian-themed entertainment, they will watch and read any assault on their faith, as long as Jesus is mentioned. Note the annual Time and Newsweek stories on Christ, just in time for Easter.I’m sure they’ll trot out John Dominic Crossan, who is always eager to debunk the faith he claims as his own. I’m sure they will use modern science to disprove Christianity, or at least pose questions they cannot answer.And I’m sure I’ll be sitting right there, watching the whole thing in high def.


  2. Sleepwriter Avatar

    You are right, Crossan is in the documentary. Out of hundreds of members, the Jesus Seminar has 12 Biblical scholars yet their methods and motives are never questioned by the MSM. Crossan was a priest briefly, he spent most of his time attending school, but resigned after two years when they placed him in a church. He once wrote that Jesus’ body was eaten by dogs.It wouldn’t bother me (my faith is not threatened) but there are so many people who teeter on the edge of making a decision that this kind of documentary could push people away.


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