Month: November 2008

  • Thanksgiving

    I got to see a lot of my family today and tomorrow I am taking my kids to Disney. Check back here for more on that trip soon. I’ll try to blog from there if I can. Today, I took some time to reflect on things in my life and I am grateful for that […]

  • Election 2008

    As I sit here watching John McCain give his congratulations to Barack Obama, I think of the life he led for this country. He may not have been your choice, but you cannot doubt that he loves America. Half of the country will not be happy at the outcome of this election but I am […]

  • Race to Indifference: Election Day

    I voted this morning. It took an hour and a half to cast a ballot and I wonder if it meant anything at all. Most of our state and local races were uncontested, so there was no real decision to be made in any of them. In the Presidential election, which I have written about […]