Month: December 2008

  • Another Day, Another Theology Quiz

    So, I found another theology quiz while taking a break from a design job. This one is more precise than the other one. It’s interesting how some of these rankings have turned around as I have grown over the last few years. Let me know how you do. Here are my results: You Scored as […]

  • Belief-O-Matic

    I took the belief-o-matic quiz over at again to see how it would judge me based on my answers to their questions. Although I find the questions a bit convoluted in the sense that there are no answers to some questions that exactly reflect my thoughts, I found the results interesting. 1. Mainline to […]

  • Aerosmith, A Yeti, and A Stitch

    As I mentioned earlier, I spent the week after Thanksgiving in Disney and it brought back several memories from my childhood, when I last visited the Magic Kingdom. some of the rides and attractions from then are gone, some (perhaps) should be, and many new things have been added. As I walked around with my […]

  • Damn Lies and Statistics (as the saying goes)

    My liberal friend John forwarded a funny article earlier from USA Today. Granted, it was not intentionally funny but the premise of it was so flawed that I had to laugh – until I read the comments and realized that some of our more self-righteous citizens actually bought the idea. In short, the article claimed […]

  • Disney Thoughts

    We returned from our first trip to Disney in Orlando last night. We left early Friday morning after Thanksgiving with my parents and my sister’s family. I don’t know where to begin to try to blog about the experience, but I will begin with a few thoughts about the people, places, and things that stick […]