Hey, you have a smudge on your head

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/104056232?et=_ZY37OcxxUazL–3v8HyWA&sig=x_F4ZuHkIWols9-bayVJuecVtgPLS1QmYecOEkUyUrY= Ash Wednesday was this week. I wrote another article on my approach to Lent, but I wanted to write a bit about my experience with ashes this year. Our church, which is not normal by any stretch, did a great job of presenting an interactive walk-thru experience for people receiving the ashes. Thanks to everyone involved for pulling that off. I’m not going to … Continue reading Hey, you have a smudge on your head

A Shot Glass of Jesus

In the Methodist church, we take communion by intinction. The bread is handed to the recipient, because Grace is given, and then the person dips the bread in the juice (wine for most churches, juice for us). Some churches perform intinction different ways. For example, the Catholic church accepts the practice but forbids the recipient from receiving the bread in hand or dipping it themselves. … Continue reading A Shot Glass of Jesus