Abundance, Prosperity & Daily Bread

This is a small group study I did on abundance. I hope you will enjoy it. I’ve added a few notes from the discussion. Feel free to use anything you want for your own study. * * * “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21)  People have different ideas about abundance and prosperity. Some will tell you that it … Continue reading Abundance, Prosperity & Daily Bread

Writing your personal mission statement

Mission statements are forward looking. Neil Armstrong didn’t go to the moon and then declare Apollo 11’s mission. He started training years before blast off with a goal in mind. Life is the same way. When Neil Armstrong, one of my childhood heroes, joined the Apollo program he knew his mission was to reach the moon. When he reached his goal he said “That’s one … Continue reading Writing your personal mission statement

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Wizard of Oz

“What have you learned, Dorothy?”  In many ways, it was a political allegory. In other ways, the story of The Wizard of Oz can be a moral tale about our walk through life. Either way, if you ask most Americans about their favorite movie as a child, a large percentage will include The Wizard of Oz on their list. Why has this weird movie lasted … Continue reading The Kingdom of Heaven and the Wizard of Oz