Dead leaves and second chances

Over the last few weeks, the United States has experienced brutal winter conditions. Weather—and climate—works in cycles over long periods of time. On a shorter scale, the weather patterns follow the seasons of the year. It’s been winter here—a long winter—so it has been cold. That’s how it works. As I pay attention to the complaints of friends, I’ve noticed how people always prefer the … Continue reading Dead leaves and second chances

Obadiah, Edom and modern Israel

Last week, I put together a short study on the book of Obadiah. By some accounts, it is the least popular book of the Bible—although that is based on the number of searches on a website. Still, with the exception of Jonah, the 12 prophets or the minor prophets section of the Old Testament tends to be the least read among Christians. Obadiah is a … Continue reading Obadiah, Edom and modern Israel

Taking a coffee break (I don’t have a name for this one)

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about Brand Jesus and commented that Christians, especially in America, have a Christian alternative for so many different things. I know it might bother a few readers, but I don’t think this is Christianity at all. Jesus didn’t tell us to create our own little world and shut ourselves off from reality. We don’t need an alternative to the world … Continue reading Taking a coffee break (I don’t have a name for this one)

No Christian alternatives

American Christianity is a brand. In cities all over the country, a Christian can find an alternative product for almost any interest. Anyone can get into their car—with a fish on the back, of course—tune in their Christian radio station, and drive to their Christian gym, Christian coffee shop, Christian bookstore, or Christian restaurant. All while wearing a graphically intense Christian t-shirt and, perhaps, Christian … Continue reading No Christian alternatives