Month: September 2019

  • Gentle whispers and burning bushes

    Gentle whispers and burning bushes

    Several years ago, I got asked to speak at a church on the topic of giving. Of all people, I don’t know how they could have picked me. I had not made a big gift. I didn’t even give regularly.  I stressed over what to say. On a good day, I am not a great […]

  • Life’s Roller Coaster

    Life’s Roller Coaster

    I love roller coasters. I love life. Both make me anxious. For some people, a roller coaster is analogous of life. It has thrills, curves, highs, lows. But, to me, it’s not a good representation because everyone on the roller coaster is going through the same hills, curves, highs and lows at the same time. […]