Is Your Pastor Insane?

If insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, can you claim your pastor is insane? If not your pastor, is your Church insane?

It’s something to think about. In respect to that definition, are we not all insane when it comes to certain things in our lives? Why should religion be any different?

I grew up in a Baptist church with a thriving youth group, a beautiful sanctuary, and a ministry for everyone of every age in the congregation. However, the church was located in a declining area of town and it did NOTHING to reach out to the community around it.

There were some wonderful people in that church who showed up every time the doors were open. They were involved in leadership roles in the church and in the community. They had a great impact on my life and I would not be the person I am today if not for the attention they gave to me as a child. But, they refused to change, to reach out, to adapt, and now the church is defunct.

In today’s seeker culture, we must respond to the challenge and reach out to seekers while providing substance for believers. It is not enough to be the Christian themed social club. Churches must provide the milk for new believers but must also provide a path to the meat of the faith. If we get to the point that our focus is taken away from the whole community, we have lost.

You cannot place all of the responsibility on your pastor or on a select group of leaders within the church. We must embrace the concept of the ministry of all believers and get involved where needed so that seekers who wander in do not wander back out. Christians need to live the Great Commission and help those who God sends into our fold grow into mature adherents of the faith.






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