Book Review, Of Sorts -The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible

I love Bibles.

Lately, I have resorted to reading verses online through one of the many online Bibles at However, there is nothing like sitting down and spending a late night with God’s word in true book form. This past Fall, I purchased the Spiritual Formation Bible from Renovaré. It is in the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) translation, which I had never purchased previously.

I have truly enjoyed this translation and the accompanying lessons included in it and on the Renovaré website. Since I work in publishing, I was attracted to the easy to read, clean layout. My only complaint in that regard is that the pages near the center of the thick binding get lost in the gutter but maybe they will fix that in the next printing.

There are rumors that the Spiritual Formation Bible is being released in a leather-bound version soon. Those of you looking for birthday gifts for me (Sept. 8) might take that as a hint. Or not.

If you enjoy the NRSV, or you have never read this version that is very popular with scholars but easy for the lay disciple, consider checking out this release from Harper Publishing.






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