Not Guilty!

I spoke to a new friend recently who was recommitting his life to Christ. He complained that the Christian life is hard. He is right.

We talked about some of our personal faults and how we pay more attention. In the past, we might have done these things without giving a thought to the impact our actions had on the people around us. My friend mentioned that there are so many things in his life he wants to change that he feels he may never be the person he wants to be.

His words made me think. It is a lot like the Jews of Jesus’ time who were so focused on religious law that they could not see redemption staring them in the face. How many people never approach God because they feel they can never please him?

Easter, the most Holy of Christian holidays, is less than a month away. Let’s not forget the sacrifice made on our behalf. One popular modern Bible translation presents Romans 3:22 in a way that says God acquits us of our sins and that he declares us “not guilty”. Interesting that it never says we are “innocent”.

We are not innocent of our sins. However, for those who accept the gift of salvation, the price has already be paid on our behalf. Another friend said recently that refusing to approach God because of your sins is like telling God that his sacrifice is not good enough for you.

I guess it is a good thing I am not God. That would make me angry.

Don’t wait until you are right with God before you approach him – you will never approach him. We are all sinners who fall short. Instead, approach God and let him redeem you. Learn from your mistakes and allow God to shape you.

The Christian life is hard, but it is worth the effort.






2 responses to “Not Guilty!”

  1. Sally Avatar

    Amen, some good sound words there. Perhaps we need to think about the way we present the gospel message, so often we point to sin first and God second…if we could just learn to allow God to convict people of sin and speak about his unconditional love we might be getting somewhere!


  2. Sleepwriter Avatar

    Thank you for the kind words. Please stop by again.


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