Intelligent Design

I can see no reason why a man, or other animals, may not have been aboriginally produced by other laws, and that all these laws may have been expressly designed by an omniscient Creator, who foresaw every future event and consequence. But the more I think the more bewildered I become; as indeed I probably have shown by this letter.

– Charles Darwin to Asa Gray, [a minister] May 22, 1860

Funny that people look to Darwin, who trained to be a pastor in the Anglican church, to defeat the idea of design. Certainly, as he admits, he lost his faith but he was willing to admit the possibility of God. He just wanted proof.

Every day people struggle with faith and look for a clear sign from God that He is real and that He cares. Sometimes, the answers are in the details and not the grand gestures of proof that people seek.

I could write far more than you care to read on alternate theories of the origin of man. There are numerous theories that mankind was delivered here by intelligent life from other planets. Such a belief requires enormous faith, however misguided that faith may be.

God will make himself known in your life if you are willing to listen. He still speaks to us when we are receptive to him even if He speaks in different ways than the stories in the Bible. If you find your shrubbery on fire tomorrow morning as you leave the house, it is probably okay to put that out – just don’t put God out of your life.






One response to “Intelligent Design”

  1. JD Avatar

    Thanks for the post. I was just talking to another person about Darwin originally being a Christian and realizing the problems his studies would cause with his faith and how people may use his studies in a misguided way to debunk Christianity.


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