The Stumbling Blocks of Writing

Although I don’t suffer from the illusion that I have readers, I have struggled with the idea that I do not write on this blog (or any of my others) with any consistency.

I have tried. I have had a lot of ideas, but the world has a way of saying “not now” far too often. I write as part of my spiritual discipline. When I write, I can devote time specifically to God, my thoughts on God, and the ups and downs of a spiritual walk.

It’s so easy to skip a day in my prayer journal, or to miss a week in my devotional study. I never go a day without speaking to God, but I don’t always start my day with the quiet time I need. God understands, but I know that my own growth is centered around spending time in my faith.

I had toyed with renaming my blog The 4am Christian, because I tend to write in the wee hours of the morning. However, I don’t think a name change is a good mask for my own lack of discipline.

If anyone is reading this, let me know. Is there a topic you want to discuss? I have been working on a piece about why Jesus – who was sinless – wanted to be baptized. I hope you will find it interesting, if I ever finish it.






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