Parents of the Year Nominees

I feel ashamed.

I focus too much attention on feeding the poor, better ways to make fuel, college savings, and even personal growth. I teach my kids to treat everyone fairly, help the needy, and to be thankful for blessings. Thanks to these candidates for Parent of the Year for setting me straight.

In case the link dies, here is a summary: a young Father of the Year candidate was arrested for arguing with his woman over which gang their 4-year-old should join.

Of all of the decisions facing parents today, what could be more important than deciding which GANG your kid should join? Maybe we should have parenting lifeguards who yell “You! Out of the gene pool” when some people try to breed.

Thank you, Joseph Manzanares and unidentified “baby’s momma” for your contributions to parenting. I am sorry I have not been focused on important decisions for my child.

With this post, I hearby nominate this couple for Parents of the Year and I offer my sincere apologies for being a slack ass who was not focused on important decisions like this.






One response to “Parents of the Year Nominees”

  1. TonyOrlando Avatar

    Seconded.Just keepin it real…


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