A Point Well Missed

I was sitting around last week discussing ways to spread the word about the Celebrate Recovery program at my church when the conversation took an unexpected turn.

We were trying to think of new ways to tell people about the ministry and focus on the fact that it is for anyone who has any “hurt, habit, or hangup” that keeps them from growing in their relationship with God. After all, people don’t recover and then find God. In fact, people can’t find God at all – he is not the one who is missing.

I remarked that the “religious” can really be a bunch of Pharisees when it comes to dealing with people with problems. I had barely even finished the sentence when someone mentioned that another church on the other side of the city had called wanting one of our leadership team to speak to their congregation about Celebrate Recovery and put their minds at ease about it.

They were worried about the kind of people that would be coming into their church.

The church building (the people are the church, after all) is not a refuge from the world – it is a beacon to it. Thankfully, Jesus never worried about the kind of people he was inviting into his home, or we’d still be waiting on his first visit.






3 responses to “A Point Well Missed”

  1. TonyOrlando Avatar

    God forbid any sinners should darken the door of their church. Folks like that will get exactly the church they deserve…


  2. That TN Chic... T Avatar
    That TN Chic… T

    Typical. Was it a Baptist Church? or a fancy Non-denomination ones who are a sanctimonious social club? or was it your old church? I find it alsolutely hilarious when people (more like sycophants) are more concerned for their prescious building and the extavagant fascade than doing the one thing that Christ mentioned – Ministering to the people in need.Heck, even after a certain event back on my birthday (which I am greatful you loaned your wife for), when the mourners and other guests had left, there was 3 of us: my step-mother, her best friend, and me. We didn’t need a stinkin’ building, or a fancy eloquent minister/preacher/pastor/priest for the three of us to hold church. We had our services in my living room, giving testimony to the Grace of Christ, and the living Holy Spirit. If the Pharasees want to maintain their earthly possessions, let them. They will answer for it, when they could have made a real difference in their community. I weep when I see a testimony to man made things, rather than the power of Christ in our lives.-T-


  3. sleepwriter Avatar

    Yes, in fact, it was a baptist church.


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