Before You Go to Sleep, Say a Little Prayer

I haven’t written in a while, so it is a good thing I am not using blogging as an example of spiritual discipline. In my previous post, I wrote about a church missing the point of who the church should be going after. Here’s another example.

Those of you who know me know that I love music. In fact, I like most types of music although I am not a fan of opera or rap. However, I love rock, alternative country, classical, jazz, and almost any other type of music. One of my all time favorite bands, since I was a small child, is the Beatles. I don’t even remember them when they were still together, but I remember them always being on the radio. I even took a course on the Beatles in college. The title of this article is a line from a song John Lennon wrote to his son shortly before he died.

I got into a discussion recently where someone told me that I shouldn’t like the Beatles because they were not Christians. I’m not sure what that has to do with thinking Rubber Soul is a good album, but okay.

I began to research the Beatles and it made me sad more about our faith than anything. In the late 1970s, John Lennon actually converted back to Christianity – having been raised Anglican. He wrote about it in his diaries and contacted, of all people, Oral Roberts for spiritual counseling. He wrote Christian songs during this period (only one of which was released as far as I can tell) and commented on his beliefs to his friends.

Who knows if he stuck with it? That is something between God and Lennon. I hope he did.

However, in reading on the subject I found a quote from him about the song Help, which was released the year I was born.

“I wrote “Help” in ’65, and people hailed it as another advance in rock & roll. It was the cry of my heart and nobody came to answer.”

How sad.

Christians could have come to answer Lennon’s cry for “help” but instead “Christians” burned records, misquoted his comments for slogans and attacks, and turned their backs on him. Not much has really changed, if you think about it. IF John Lennon died without knowing Christ, how do you think God in Heaven will judge the Christians who pushed him away?

One of the last songs he recorded, Help Me to Help Myself, was a simple prayer to the Lord for help. In it he says “But I know in my heart that we never really parted.”

I hope so.






4 responses to “Before You Go to Sleep, Say a Little Prayer”

  1. Greg K Avatar
    Greg K

    One thing that stands out in your post is the statement “I shouldn’t like the Beatles because they were not Christians”. That is one of those statements I have never really liked. Who gives a person the authority to say what I should or should not listen to because they may or may not be a Christian. I am secure enough in my relationship with Christ to not have a problem with listening to music by someone that may or may not be Christian. I do not have a problem with others listening to whatever kind of music they want to listen to. Although I would hope that everyone would have some kind of relationship with God. Let us all keep in mind that that relationship is between that person and God. None of us have the right to judge. If we are to follow the advice of the person that said you “shouldn’t like the Beatles because they were not Christians”, then let’s apply that to everything in our lives. We shouldn’t eat food unless it is raised by a Christian. We shouldn’t have anything to drink unless it is purified or produced by a Christian. We shouldn’t clothe ourselves unless we know that the clothes were made by Christians. For the ladies, you shouldn’t wear makeup unless you know it was made by a Christian. To sum it up, let’s turn our back on anyone and anything that is not Christian. I don’t think so. That is not the way God wants us to behave.Instead of turning our back on someone or something because we don’t know what they believe, maybe we should simply embrace them and even pray for them. Maybe, if we would take the time to get to know them, we will find that they do indeed have a relationship with Christ. And if we find they don’t, we will have the opportunity to tell them about Christ.


  2. That TN Chic.... T Avatar

    You know as well as I do that there is the glorification, but also the pride in saying “Hey, I’m a Christian.” Some people, who should work harder in their own walk, take pride in saying that they are such, and also only listen to the preaching to the choir. Those who do not, or cannot confront evil and sin, in their own lives, or love the sinner, hate the sin, should quit trying to find splinters when the logs of pride and envy are weighing them down.I freely admit I sin daily… but I also ask forgiveness for that sin, whether it is pride, envy, wrath, or lust. Just because I am Christian doesn’t make me perfect. Heaven help us should I be! I’d be even more insufferable than I am now. The difference is that I am forgiven, and that Christ works to improve my life, guide my walk, and lead me on a wonderful and fabulous journey called life.Will I have to answer for my shortcomings? Absolutely. Will I strive to improve and become better in my walk? I strive for such daily.Personally, who is to say that such gifts, such as composing and song writing, are not G_d given, and it would be sinful to waste those talents because they don’t obviously glorify G_d? You know as well as I that I can’t carry a tune in a 55 gallong barrel, but I can write well. Who is to say that if I don’t constantly give glory in my writing to G_d that I am a bad Christian? Isn’t that between us? Let them throw bricks… It may hurt quite a bit, but I also know who the Great Healer is.-T-


  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I heard an interview on NPR with Jack White of the White Stripes and the Raconteurs. In it, the interviewer commented that his songs often had a Biblical reference and she laughingly asked if he was religious. Something about the way she asked sounded like she disapproved.Anyway, he said yes he was a Christian and he believed God gave him what talent he had and every time he used it to sing a note or play a chord, he was using his God-given gift and was thankful to God for it. All ability comes from God and He will use it to his benefit when he sees fit.


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