Methuselah vs Beelzebub (aka Campaign 2008)

I have my own political blog, which is neglected even more than this blog. I haven’t written on Campaign 2008 – the March to Indifference yet. The election is less than a month away, so here are my thoughts.

Is it my imagination, or did leaders in the past actually inspire people?

We have a choice between a man who has never stood for much versus a man who has never accomplished anything.

We have to decide between huge government and really really huge government.

I had resolved not to vote for either candidate this year unless one of them picked a running mate worth my attention. Biden is a nice guy (don’t laugh) and I admire the way he took care of his family after his wife’s death. However, he has been a part of the problem for two decades and he has consistently been wrong on the issues.

On the other hand, McCain has chosen Sarah Palin. I was an early advocate of Palin. I think she is a breathe of fresh air in a campaign that smells of moth balls in my grandmother’s attic. I wish she had a bit more experience, because I think she does connect with mainstream America.

Resolved: I am likely going to write myself in again. It couldn’t hurt – there is nothing left for me to mess up and we just don’t have a Teddy Roosevelt on the horizon. In the race to indifference between Methuselah and Beelzebub, there is no winner. Sadly for America, there are 300 million losers in this campaign cycle. God help us all.

If you want to join the revolution and write me in, email me.






2 responses to “Methuselah vs Beelzebub (aka Campaign 2008)”

  1. Camille Platt Avatar

    agreed. i almost decided not to vote at all when mccain signed off on the $700 billion (invisible dollars, or possibly borrowed from china) bailout bill. i think our national debt went up by 10% in one day. i was so mad i wrote my congressman a nasty note.


  2. sleepwriter Avatar

    There is still time to write me in.


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