I took the belief-o-matic quiz over at again to see how it would judge me based on my answers to their questions. Although I find the questions a bit convoluted in the sense that there are no answers to some questions that exactly reflect my thoughts, I found the results interesting.

1. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (100%)
2. Orthodox Quaker (96%)
3. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (88%)
4. Eastern Orthodox (77%)
5. Roman Catholic (77%)

As you can see, my top 5 results are rather mixed. The first one and the third one are overlapping for me because I do attend a very untraditional congregation in a mainline protestant church. However, my beliefs are my own and can be liberal or conservative based on the question asked.

I find the 4th and 5th results confusing but, at least, they are Christian churches — Beliefnet encompasses most world faiths. I have many Catholic friends and have been to many services at Catholic churches, however I have never considered myself a good candidate for conversion for several reasons. Perhaps that explains the wide percentage gap within my top 5.

The second one is very confusing to me. I have, for some time, tried to focus on my inner prayer life and my personal relationship with Christ. These are all major factors within Orthodox Quaker (Friends) beliefs. I was happy to see that the result was Orthodox Quaker, as some of the more liberal Quaker schools of thought lean toward Universalism.

Well, that is a short blog for today but it was something I felt like sharing. Take the quiz for yourself and post your results back to me in the comments. It would be interesting to share that with each other.






2 responses to “Belief-O-Matic”

  1. Theresa Shadrix Avatar

    I’m a little scared to take the test, but I’m gonna give it a try:)


  2. sleepwriter Avatar

    aw come on, You would look great in a burka…


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