Let Them Eat Cake

I watched the inauguration yesterday. Along with the good cheer and good will that comes with such pomp and circumstance, I remain proud of our great country. In much of the world, leaders enter office and leave office with a struggle, a bullet, or a revolution. Certainly, our young nation has had its fair share of struggle, and a couple of revolutions, but our typical transition of power does not come from violence but with a handshake and an embrace.

Yesterday, amidst the media evangelizing, power once again transferred hands in the usual way. There were no choirs of Angels singing from on high, no doves descending from the clouds, and no burning bushes (not even a GW Bush). There was a ceremony, a parade, and lots of celebration. Rightfully so. The Republic still stands and the methods put in place by our founding fathers for a peaceful transition of power worked yet again.

However, something struck me as I looked back over the course of the day. In a year when banks are failing and the world economy is shaking with uncertainty, when campaign slogans were filled with financial fear and doom and gloom, our government threw the biggest inauguration party in history — with some estimates as high as 170 million dollars.

After the inauguration ceremony, our nation’s leaders attended a lavish lunch in Statuary Hall. In that amazing building, Senator Diane Feinstein spoke eloquently about the tradition of the inaugural lunch which dates back to a modest fellowship meal hosted by President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon in the 1950s. After the lunch, the Senator from the bankrupt state of California presented all of the politicians in attendance with gift bags filled with watches and other items to commemorate the event. History is filled with government elitists living the good life as their people prepare for revolt.

Nero, get your fiddle!

God bless President Obama. I didn’t vote for him but I wish him well. He has his hands full with these people.






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