Blogging Vacations, Part 2

I have to admit, for someone who started off the year planning to write more, I have failed miserably (so far). As I have written before, I have a love affair with coffee. I am starting to realize that my blogging could use a shot of espresso – some caffeine to get things going. I named this post “Blogging Vacation, Part 2”. The completely unrelated Part 1 is posted on the Alabama Football blog, Alabama Gameday, where I am a guest slacker – I mean blogger. So, if you are into Alabama Football, check it out as well.

Lately, I have been consumed with work and I am presently working on launching a new company — details on that are coming very very soon. I have also been spending more time with family, friends, and resting. While I am not willing to give up any of that precious time, I do plan to spend more time in the coming weeks writing.

There are many exciting things going on right now. As I mentioned, I am stoked* about the new project, I am also stepping into uncomfortable territory at church — I have volunteered to lead a small group for new believers. It may or may not happen, but actually agreeing to do it (if needed) was a step that I took into the abyss.

I heard some interesting things on the radio this week. I am going to develop them into blog articles very soon. Sorry if my blog has turned into a “blahg” lately. I will try to do better.

* This is the first, and likely last, time I have used the term “stoked”. Someone, keep me accountable on this.






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