Let Every Day Be Independence Day


For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

People celebrate freedom on the 4th of July. Some people spend time grilling or swimming and others look forward to fireworks. No matter how you celebrate freedom, take a moment today to give thanks for the true source of your freedom — Jesus.

Just as the founding fathers of our nation wrote a declaration of independence from the tyranny of a king who had lost his sense of justice, Christ lived a declaration of independence from a different set of laws. Not everyone was willing to change in either instance. Resistance to change is human.

Many people live in bondage today. Around the world, humans suffer from hunger, slavery (yes, it still exists), oppression and fear. It is our duty to help our neighbors in need, but we have to understand the freedom we have been given. Our founding fathers stood up against an oppressive government, but our real freedom is in spirit.

The “yoke of slavery” mentioned in Galatians is the old testament law—the great stumbling block that ushered in grace. However, Jesus brought a greater freedom for us today than could have been imagined by the early evangelists. He gave us freedom from ourselves, from our pasts, from the burden of our own destructive thoughts.

The Bible tells us that God created good and evil. Without both we could not have free will. Freedom is not absolute. We are still bound by a different set of laws. If you don’t believe that, try exercising your free will to jump out of a window and see how quickly you find yourself in bondage to the law of gravity. You see, every choice has a resulting reward or consequence.

Consider the child who wanders away from his mother in the grocery store. He has a choice: stand next to the buggy or wander off. We have the freedom to wander off but, like that child, we soon find ourselves a prisoner of our despair. The lost are never free.

What are you choosing today in terms of your spiritual freedom?

If you are binding yourself to your past because of guilt, shame, anger, resentment, or dejection; let it go. You are free. If you are spending time on things that turn your focus away from your purpose, let those things go. Let go of that person you are trying to fix. Let go of that limitation you have built up in your mind. Let go of that friend or relative who persists in telling you that you are not good enough—that you don’t live up to their standard. Jesus thought you were good enough to die for.

Happy Independence Day every day.






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