Let God be your underwear

I read a comment last week that made a lot of sense. It was a simple analogy about how we approach God and, I think, we are all guilty of it at times. Our society ingrains in us a way of thinking that leaves God off to the side like a coat that we hang over a chair until we need him.

I can’t remember the exact quote, despite looking for it online, but the basic premise suggests that we, as humans, tend to wear God as our overcoat. We get all of our nice things, material pleasures, first and then we try to wrap God around them. We try to custom fit Jesus into our lives rather than tailor our lives around our faith. This rarely works, of course, because the things we seek first are not always what he wants to give us.

Anyone who is from a cold climate will tell you that the best way to stay warm is to wrap yourself in layers. If you only wear your faith as an overcoat for others to see, what are you putting on first? Wearing God as an afterthought can only give the illusion of comfort.

Don’t let the great “I Am” became the perpetual “Oh Yeah.” You will never find your purpose in life that way. God is not an overcoat, he is your underwear. Put him on first.






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