Happy Easter!

Christians around the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on this holiday. Jesus brought grace, redemption and love to a society in desperate need of all three things. Today, just like then, we need them just as much.

I am not going to write a long diatribe on the flaws of humanity right now. I had wanted to write a piece explaining how Jesus was not crucified on a Friday — it was either a Wednesday or Thursday — but my cousin Paula, a Methodist minister, reminded me that you have to kill something to dissect it. It’s the message that we celebrate, not the details. So, I am going to just write a simple “thank you.”

I have spent several years in a counseling setting where I have heard so many people talk about their sins, flaws, and weaknesses as if they are insurmountable. Today is just a reminder for all of us that we should not cling to our guilt and pain. It has been defeated.

As C. S. Lewis said, the “gates of hell are locked from the inside.” Let go of your past and accept the freedom offered to you this day, and every day, through God’s love. The sins of your past have been defeated. Happy Easter.






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