A Shot Glass of Jesus

In the Methodist church, we take communion by intinction. The bread is handed to the recipient, because Grace is given, and then the person dips the bread in the juice (wine for most churches, juice for us). Some churches perform intinction different ways. For example, the Catholic church accepts the practice but forbids the recipient from receiving the bread in hand or dipping it themselves.

Growing up, I had never taken communion this way. As I have mentioned before, I grew up in another denomination where deacons passed trays of bread, crackers, or communion wafers down each aisle and then followed with trays of cups. I always loved communion in church, but I think I like intinction better. It, to me, is more personal.

It’s all a matter of preference with most churchiness. 

A few years ago, I got involved in a new ministry in our area called Celebrate Recovery. CR, as we call it, is a faith-based 12-Step program that combines the traditional steps with the Beatitudes. You can find a CR in almost any city in the U.S., if you are in need of a friend in a time of struggle. Everyone struggles with something, as you know, and CR does not limit the program to addiction. Any “hurt, habit or hang up” is welcome. People from many denominations come to share with believers and non-believers alike.

We all need Jesus.

One week, we decided to share the act of communion with the attendees. Communion is voluntary, of course, but we wanted to make it available. I had only attended a Methodist church for about a year, so intinction was still new to me at that time. Most of the attendees were from other backgrounds and many had never seen it either. As I moved forward, I overheard a woman behind me whispering to her family. “They don’t have the little shot glasses.”

It made me smile. Perception is everything in life. We’ve all been through different struggles, but everyone could use a little shot of Jesus, don’t you think?






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