My top 5 posts, so far

This iPad plug doesn’t have anything to do with the article…

I just crossed the 10,000 views threshold this morning. That sounds like a lot, but some websites get millions of hits a day. Honestly, I am just happy that someone reads my articles here. Thanks for stopping by.

I never know why people read what they read, but I found it interesting to see the top five most read articles on this blog. Some of them really surprised me.

#5  Church Clothes – my take on the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man. This parable of Jesus is not a story of Heaven and hell like many think. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

#4 Bible Study: Finding Jesus in Secular Music – This was part of a series I wrote for church small group. Music has always been interesting to me and I really enjoyed doing this series.

#3 The Point of Evil – Why did God create evil? He doesn’t cause it, so why did it even have to exist? Let me know your thoughts.

#2 Rapture Teaching: Is it Harming the Church? – This one, from 2006, doesn’t surprise me except that I thought it might be #1. If you mention the rapture, someone will read it.

#1 The Story of Naaman – This one surprised me. It was actually another small group lesson I did when I wrote a series on people in the Bible. Like I said above, I don’t know why people read what they read. I am just glad that they do.

Of the 10,000 hits, more than 8000 came from the U.S. and 52% use Google Chrome for browsing. I  don’t know why anyone reading this needs to know such things, but there you go. Thanks for stopping by.






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