The Master’s Side

It’s been a little over a year since our beloved Oscar passed away. He was 15-years-old when he crossed over to wiener dog heaven. Very few days pass where we don’t think of him and what a great pal he was to us and our kids.

Dachshunds are not big dogs. When our kids were little, Oscar wouldn’t let visitors get near them. He never bit people, but he would place himself between the babies and anyone else who came to the house until we allowed them to sit and hold the babies. Then, he would cuddle up to our guests like family. Dachshunds love their people.

Dachshunds have no concept of time. It didn’t matter if we walked to the mailbox or if we went out of town for a whole week, when we came home it was like a grand family reunion. You had to hold Oscar. In a way, it’s like we were the prodigal children coming home.

God is not limited by our concept of time either. He is everywhere, all at once, and ever present. No matter how long we think we are away from him, he is still there waiting for us. God is really excited when we come back to him too.

Dachshunds have personality. They always look sad, but they can show great joy. They get anxious when they are alone and they are at peace when they are by their master’s side. They’re sort of like us and God, if you think about it.






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